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Gucci Is Being Accused Of Plagiarism By Two Artists

Italian fashion brand Gucci has yet again gotten stuck in a fiery feud with artists about their designs.

Bali-based New Zealand artist Stuart Smythe says that the snake design showcased on the T-shirts in Gucci’s cruise 2018 show is an exact copy of the logo he created in 2014 for his fashion brand, according to WWD. Despite the fact that the artwork is flipped, the snake itself shows multiple identical aspects to Smythe’s design, which includes similar scales, lightning bolts and even the small white spots on the letter ‘R.’

On top of Smythe’s accusation, Milan Chagoury, who works under the name Stay Bold, mentions that Gucci’s tote bag in the collection also featured one of his logo designs from 2015 for the White Tiger Tattoo Company in Australia.

“The Gucci cruise 2018 collection saw a continuation of Alessandro Michele‘s exploration of faux-real culture with a series of pieces playing on the Gucci logo, under the themes of ‘Guccification‘ and ‘Guccify Yourself’,” a spokesperson for Gucci tells WWD. “A creative exchange with street-style and street vernacular using graphics and words that have been ‘Guccified’. In the last two-and-a-half years Gucci has defined itself through a series of creative collaborations that have arisen organically, symbolising a generational shift. Also in this instance, we are now in direct contact with the respective talents.”

In the past, Michele has stepped forward to plagiarism accusations and denying the use of copying other’s designs and work: “it’s something that makes me feel really sad,” he said.

“It’s not true,” Michele told The Business of Fashion. “People build a story around nothing.”

Both Smythe and Chagoury have been contacted by Gucci and were offered a possible future collaboration — yet both artists declined the offer.

It is unfortunate that these artists feel that their work has been stolen. Even more unfortunate that Mr. Michele is once again in this precarious position. As the season’s pass, only time will tell if this trend of pinching designs continues.

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