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Kate Moss’s 1993 Calvin Klein Photoshoot For New ‘Obsessed’ Fragrance Campaign

Kate Moss is one among many supermodels who started back in the ‘80s when she was just 14 years old. Despite her success throughout the years and how she has certainly aged like fine wine, Kate was at the height of her “Supermodel” status in the ‘90s. One of her most iconic campaigns was Calvin Klein’s ‘Obsession‘ fragrance which was shot by Mario Sorrenti in 1993.

The video features a young Kate lying on the sand with her face freckled and youthful on the beach. Her hair tousled from the seawater and dreamy eyes staring back at the camera — it’s no wonder Klein is bringing the moment back for their new ‘Obsessed‘ fragrance campaign.

Klein sent Sorrenti and Moss, who were a couple at the time, to Jost Van Dyke, in the British Virgin Islands, and camped out at the beachfront for ten days to shoot clips and photos for the campaign. Filled with freedom and energy, Sorrenti and Moss were young and had so much ahead of them.

“I was 20, she was 18,” Sorrenti recalls in the clip. “We had nothing to lose.”

The photos Sorrenti brought back of Moss for the ‘Obsession’ campaign immediately hit the billboards and buses — people were literally ‘obsessed’ with it all. Even today, people recall the stunning shots of Moss during the campaign that happened more than two decades ago.

“When I post a picture of Kate from that period on Instagram,” he says, “people go crazy over it.”

So why not rekindle the 1993 moment?

Launching July 1 is the new ‘Obsessed’ for Women by Calvin Klein along with never-before-seen photos and clips from the 1993 photoshoot. Bringing back the ‘90s Kate Moss vibe that has a special place in almost everyone’s heart. It looks like it’ll be here for a while.

Watch: Kate Moss In Calvin Klein’s 1993 ‘Obsessed’ Fragrance Campaign

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