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Tribute: Jenny Meirens, Co-Founder of Maison Martin Margiela

Salute to a legend

Jenny Meirens passed away on July 1, 2017 in Italy. She was the business and creative partner of Martin Margiela at Maison Martin Margiela, which is now known as Maison Margiela and led by creative director John Galliano.

If Margiela was secretive and shied away from the press, then Meirens practically did not exist to the press. They both remained extremely elusive throughout their careers at the design label, in fact there is only one photo of Jenny Meirens on the internet from the recent exclusive and rare interview she did with New York Times.

Image of Margiela SS 1990 from

Meirens was the mastermind behind many defining and influential aspects of the brand, such as the blank label tacked down with four bold stitches in white, in replacement of a brand or designer name that would usually sit there. She persisted and convinced Margiela to use the blank labels, to rouse the curiosity of shoppers.

AnOther Magazine reports that Meirens was also behind the brand’s iconic street-cast models as opposed to the supermodels that walked Paris’s runways.

The show of Spring Summer 1990 took place in a playground and was first come first serve for the neighbourhood’s children, demanding people to question who the fashion shows were really for, as explained by i-D, and it could not have happened without Meirens.

It is clear that Meirens provided the business expertise and creative intuition to execute and lead the brand’s vision to allow Margiela’s clothing designs to be exhibited.

Together, the two changed the landscape of the industry and the way fashion was interpreted and digested in society at large, extending fashion beyond the elite insiders. Meirens will be remembered for her legacy.

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