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Spider-Man: The Miles Morales Story

A look into the world of Miles Morales, the Black Spider-Man

Marvel Comics recognizes one of its most diverse characters in recent years, Miles Morales. The world knows Miles as the new Spider-Man, dawning the famous black and red suit as he fights crime to protect the streets of New York City just like his predecessor, Peter Parker.

Spider-Man has received mass popularity over the years. The entertainment industry has projected the character far beyond the pages of the comic book. The recent implication of the famous web head is on the big screen in Spider-Man Homecoming.

The masked hero can be seen in television shows, video games, movies and t-shirts. Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee and made his initial debut back in the 1960’s. The addition of Miles adds to the beloved memory that with great power comes great responsibility.

Miles presents new elements to the business of web slinging; utilizing new powers, venom blasts and the ability to turn invisible. He has battled the evil might of Blackheart, Hammerhead and Black Cat and walked away alive. Miles can also be viewed teaming up with the original wall crawler, Peter Parker, the Earth 616 Spider-Man.

Miles continues to prove himself through facing off against powerful enemies. He has become a needed staple in the Marvel Universe. And he can be seen alongside other known heroes participated in pivotal events including CIVIL WAR 2 and SECRET EMPIRE.

Brain Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli are the ones responsible for giving this character the chance to become one of the most interesting heroes to date. Miles can be seen in action through his solo series, SPIDER-MAN, that released last year. The character brings a new dynamic in culture, for he is half-Hispanic and half African-American. Miles Morales will continue to capture the hearts of comic book fans worldwide as he catches thieves just like flies and spins webs anytime. Look out world, here comes the new Spider-Man.

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