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CHARGE Releases ’25 Under 25 Index’

The kings and queens of social media and branding

CHARGE recently released their 25 Under 25 Index that showcases the reach of brands by athletes that are under 25 years old. The index contains mostly athletes from the United States and touches on many of the sports that are played within its borders.

According to the press release, the index included athletes who primarily play in the United States, and looked at 245 athletes from 22 sports that included 203 men and 42 women.

“It’s easy to say an athlete brand is hot for one reason or another, but what’s that based on?” CHARGE Director of Brand Strategy Jesse Ghiorzi said. “Beforehand, we saw anecdotal trends on who had the hottest brand, but having the data to back it up adds objectivity and legitimacy to the claim. We were thrilled to see a wide variety of sports and markets represented on the list.”

The press release continued, “The index featured a diverse list of athletes from various sports, with the top five spots going to four different sports. In addition to Beckham and Ezekiel Elliott, the top five was rounded out by Washington Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper, 24, recently drafted Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball, 19, and NASCAR driver Kyle Larson, 24.”

There is a variety of athletes from the major professional sports and the index includes a selection that is diverse in backgrounds of the athletes that it contains. The list also points out the importance of athletes connecting with their fans through the use of multiple social media outlets.

There were multiple measures used in CHARGE’s formula that helped them create the list: social media following, social media engagement, search results and news stories.

With 8.6 million Instagram followers, 2.5 million Twitter followers and 1.4 million Facebook likes, Odell Beckham Jr., 24, dominated the results based on his strong overall presence on social media.

CHARGE  25 Under 25 Index

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