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DC Comics: The Dark Multiverse

The DC Universe sets up plans for a Dark Multiverse

DC Comics is about to enter a dark tale; one that will shape the DC Universe in this series led by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. The upcoming comic is “Dark Nights: Metal a series that will explore the Dark Multiverse. A void filled with deadly beings, monsters and other forms or dark energy that will challenge the likes of all costumed heroes of Earth and the far reaches of space.

Snyder is the written voice behind many works within the comic book industry. The comic books he is recognized for are “American Vampire,” “The Wake,Superman Unchained,” “Batman” and Swamp Thing.” And he will lead the DC Universe into unknown territory that will lure readers, new and old.

Greg Capullo is a talented artist known for his current work on the “Batman” comic book. The other impressive titles he has worked on range from Image Comics anti-hero, “Spawn,” to “X-Force” from Marvel Comics.

The series to prepare for “Dark Knights: Metal” is “Dark Days: The Casting.” The casting will set the course of events in order. Green Lantern and Wonder Woman will aid Batman in this crisis to save the planet and potential of life in existence against a legion of darkness no one ever imagined possible.

The other characters involved in the story revolve around Vandal Savage, Resurrection Man, and the Al Ghul family. And a vast array of characters will appear in the makings of the comic, spreading across colorful panels filled with action and character development.

The visual storytelling that will be presented within this comic shall be remarkable, as comic book fans will rejoice in the wake of the comic book art form pushed to its greatest potential in the back drop of well-crafted storytelling. The DC Universe shall never be the same again as you follow these creators to the hidden depths of masked vigilantes, powerful gods and killer maniacs.

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