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Gucci Launches Their Newest Project “Gucci Places”

Gucci has recently been making a lot of moves, but the Italian brand isn’t nearly done for the rest of 2017.

The luxury brand is launching Gucci Places that aims to give people the opportunity to explore and journey through locations that creative director Alessandro Michele discovered to be inspirational.

According to WWD, the whole idea is to gather a community and encourage them to find intriguing information about the places. While Gucci Place will possess its own dedicated badge, incorporate motifs suggest the certain locations.

Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England, will be the first Gucci Place — the brand is now supporting an exhibition of clothing and memorabilia titled, “House Style.” The exhibition showcases clothing from 500 years ago that was owned by the Devonshire family. Also, Glen Luchford photographed Gucci’s Cruise 2017 campaign at Chatsworth — British actress Vanessa Redgrave fronted the ads.

Exclusive products in Gucci’s Courrier collection has been created to be part of Gucci Places Chatsworth collaboration. For all the pieces that feature Chatsworth and Gucci Places patches will be on sale only at the Chatsworth store and Gucci’s Sloane Street store in London during mid-July.

Also, the Gucci app is adding a new functionality to have customers be involved in the story of each specific place. The app will be designed to use the geolocation services of the user’s mobile device in order to receive a push notification once you’re near a Gucci Place to invite you to visit the location.

The app will also allow users to check in and win the badge that is associated with a Gucci Place. In addition, the app will deliver detailed descriptions of the venue, featuring texts, pictures and/or videos and even a section that is dedicated to the events it is staging.

Look out for any Gucci Places that the brand will soon release throughout this year.

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