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Bravo’s RHOP Season 2 Reunion Special Part 2

In the second part of the Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Reunion, the ladies are joined by the men of Potomac. Unfortunately, only half of the cast have husbands and nobody knows what Robyn Dixon and her ex-husband Juan are.

The Grand Dame of Potomac, Karen Huger, was coming undone. She couldn’t answer a question directly and appeared to be lying to save her image. On the previous episode, she told Andy Cohen and the girls that she wanted to move to Great Falls for her parents. But when they asked her husband Ray about the move he claimed that she never brought up the subject of her parents. However, sort of saved her by saying that he put two-and-two together and figured that her parents had something to do with it. Especially, since they both were ill.

Ray also came under fire from the girls. Gizelle Bryant was upset that he made comments about her need to attract a man before she got old and her beauty faded. Initially, Gizelle was the one to ask him his opinion on the matter of her dating and attracting guys. He simply gave the answer to the question that she asked. Ray also took offense to Charisse Jordan calling him broke. Like a gentleman, he checked her by saying that the last time he was broke was when he was a teenager.

Robyn’s “who-knows-what” man in her life, Juan, was asked about his relationship with her and where does he see them heading in the future. In short, he doesn’t know what will happen and they’re just taking it one day at a time. Basically, they’ll be continuing to do the same thing they’ve been doing and that’s absolutely nothing. They sleep in the same bed, live in the same house, and maintain their confusing broken relationship. It looks like these two are making no attempts of trying to grow.

This season it was shocking to see Ashley Darby and her husband Michael get into it on camera. They both threatened to divorce each other in an argument about their restaurant. The couple revealed that they are currently separated and living apart. Michael says that he recognizes that Ashley is growing and maturing, but he’s unsure of how he fits into that. It’s unclear if the two will get back together, but they seem to want to make it work.

New girl, Monique Samuels is sitting pretty with her man Chris. It seems that she and Karen are the only two with functional marriages. Unfortunately, she’s not too happy with her mother-in-law who called her a “heifer” on camera. Needless to say, Monique isn’t giving her husband’s mother the time of day.

After the men left, the women got down to business. Allegations about men and cheating started flying around. Karen claims that Charisse has been seeing a firefighter and she has the receipts to prove it. But Charisse hit back with accusations that Karen has a man on the side that people refers to as “Blue Eyes”.

There’s no doubt that she has a man in her life that fits the description, but Charisse might be reaching to call him a lover. He’s more like the help that trails behind Mrs. Huger. All of the other ladies have seen or met him, but none will confirm that he’s a side-piece.

At the end of the reunion, Andy asks if any resolutions were met. Some say yes, others say no, but in all honesty none of the ladies owned their issues except for Monique. Karen tried her best to keep it “100” but it’s obvious that she was holding back. We’ll have to wait until the possibility of next season to see where each of them end up and if their bonds will remain.

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