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Cage the Elephant and King Meyers Revamp Single

Mix it up and let it go

When worlds collide no one can ever predict the outcome.

Aerosmith and Run DMC broke the mold for combining the rock and hip hop genres. “Walk This Way” became wildly popular making way for other memorable partnerships within the music world. Linkin Park and Jay-Z, Eminem and Aerosmith, the list goes on.

Now, hip hop’s King Meyers and alternative rock’s Cage the Elephant can be added to that illustrious list.

The duo produced a standout single “Girl You Got Me Goin’ Crazy.”

The collaboration was teased back in December of 2016 when the band’s official twitter and Meyers posted a tweet depicting the duo working together.

The track was released today and has been heavily marketed by both Cage the Elephant and Meyers.

What’s so unique about the single is the remix quality. It’s a total redesign of Cage the Elephant’s 2010 smash hit “Aint No Rest For the Wicked.” It was a single off of their debut, self-titled album and it brought the band a wave of success.

Meyer’s lyrics over the irresistible beat of the original track polish it with standout shine. They flipped the aggression into a hip-hop love song.

Fans of both artists – both genres will appreciate the collaboration.

Listen: “Girl You Got Me Goin’ Crazy”

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