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ERDEM To Release Collection with H&M This Year

H&M has announced that they will be collaborating with ERDEM this year for not just a womenswear collection, but for the first time, the brand will be releasing a menswear as well.

The London-based ready-to-wear brand was launched in 2005 by Canadian and Turkish designer Erdem Moralioglu. It consists majorly of elegant printed dresses that are highly coveted and worn by many celebrities on the red carpet and public figures on outings such as Kate Middleton, Alexa Chung, and Nicole Kidman.

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The dresses are characterized by traditionally feminine aesthetics such as printed or embroidered florals and soft, sheer, and satin fabrics. The silhouettes don’t drift far from flowy skirts and form-fitting pants.

However, Moralioglu can create somewhat graphic and shapely visuals through textiles and pattern-making, that appeal to many women who enjoy the classic feminine style but with a touch of flair.

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H&M has been collaborating with high fashion brands such as Kenzo and Balmain for quite a few seasons now. From one perspective, these lines are a way to provide a cheap and affordable option for fans and followers of the brands. For example, an ERDEM dress on Net-A-Porter can range from $895 to $3495 USD. Previously, these collaborations have allowed customers to purchase clothing from Kenzo x H&M for $30, which is a little bit more affordable. From H&M’s perspective, as Vogue points out, this is also a tactic to bring and focus consumer’s attentions on generating an influx of revenue.

This is particularly important for H&M as the future of retail and fast fashion becomes more and more of a question. Amazon and fashion tech companies such as StitchFix are dedicated to transforming the retail landscape by sending and keeping consumers online with free and fast samples and custom style suggestions. Younger consumers today demand more transparency from brands, and H&M has never been a role model for such. With all the information and news on social media, millennials and Gen Z are more educated on production and sustainability issues than ever and are louder about their discontent with fast fashion, which is notorious for unethical labor methods that lead to tragedies such as Rana Plaza.


The trailer for this new collaboration is directed by visual mastermind Baz Luhrmann, director of Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby, and  Moulin Rouge.

For eager shoppers, the collection is to be released in H&M stores and online on November 2.

Watch Erdem x H&M  teaser film Directed by Baz Luhrmann

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