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Review: Chris Robinson Brotherhood Gets Cosmic on New Album ‘Barefoot in the Head’

barefootintheheadThe Chris Robinson Brotherhood began where The Black Crowe’s (temporarily) ended.

While on hiatus in 2011, the band’s singer, Chris Robinson, decided to start a new project, and thus The Chris Robinson Brotherhood came to be.

The American blues rock band just dropped their fifth studio album earlier today, Barefoot in the Head. Chock full of interesting themes, catchy melodies and witty lyrics, anything but a full-listen in one sitting would be a shame.

The album opens up with tune called “Behold the Seer.” With notable classic rock influences that mesh perfectly bluesy vibe, it’s hard not to sway along to this song. The harmonica is excellent, and the vocals are full of emotion.

She Shares my Blanket” is a love song with a sweet, warm guitar opening that’s inviting to the ear and the soul. The piano and guitar compliment each other very well. The pace alternates between mid-tempo and show, eliciting a soft, audial rollercoaster paralleling the love being described.

Hark, the Herald Hermit Sings” starts on a solid beat and just keeps on getting better. The flow of this song is nothing short of amazing. The lyrics are witty and fun, and Robinson’s delivery is spot on. The occasional harmonies add a whole other level to this song, and the rhythm as a whole is wonderfully funky.

Blonde Light of Morning” has a slow, country vibe. The song is relaxing and sincere, with clear, melodic piano, and a mellow guitar part.

The album takes a trippy turn with “Dog Eat Sun.” The lyrics are mystical and poetic, if not a little cryptic. There’s a sense of reverence in this song, as the topic is borderline cosmic. This is only amplified by the etherial nature of the instrumentals.

Barefoot in the Head is a versatile album that can fit so many occasions and moods. The unique musical stylings of The Chris Robinson Brotherhood really shine through on this album, making it one music lovers wouldn’t want to miss.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to Barefoot in the Head by the Chris Robinson Brotherhood

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