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Review: Meek Mill Triumphant on Wins & Losses

A new level of honesty

Meek Mill/Wins & Losses/ MMG

meekmillcoverOn his latest, one would never think that Philly rapper Meek Mill ever had a care in the world. Despite a highly publicized feud with Drake and fallout with ex-girlfriend Nikki Minaj, Mill continues to fire off verbal rounds without fear.

From the outset, Mill gives up the best of what he has to offer. He flips his trademark furious flow onto the title track before wasting no time becoming blatantly earnest on “Heavy Heart.”

As is often the case with a Maybach Music release, the soundscapes that setup the storytelling are pristine and dramatic.

Soul pours out of most of these beats and there is no better example of that than 0n “1942 Flows.”  The telling piano chords stack on top of crisp snares that skip in between the explanation of why the narrator lost faith in the public school system. .

The end result of the first verse may be unintentional as the off-the-cuff revelation literally feels like a breakthrough moment for someone who lives through so many of them that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Technically, Mill continues to master his craft as he stepped his enunciation game up.  The problem with rappers that use volume as a resource is that they often clip consonants at the turn of a phrase.

He was certainly guilty of that and whether via practice or production, Mill learned how to deliver a stronger story.

Wins & Losses is a dark album that contains traces of hope.  And with emotion this direct and from-the-gut on deck, it should maintain a serious amount of replay value.

Rating: 4.25/5

Stream: Meek Mill Wins & Losses

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