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Review: To Speak of Wolves Lets Go on Dead in the Shadow

sub-buzz-30321-1500613717-5American Metalcore group, To Speak of Wolves took to the scene back in 2007, and they’ve been shaking things up ever since.

Their newest album, Dead in the Shadow, dropped on July 21, 2017, leaving the band with three full-length studio albums to date.

The opening track, fittingly titled “Haunt Me,” is about letting go of self destructive individuals who have fallen too far, no matter how much they may be loved. The lyrics are quite poetic underneath the sheer intensity and emotion singer Gage Speas puts into the vocals.

There’s even a hint of regret laced in, although it is clear that the subject is choosing themselves over the one causing them mental stress:

“Relapse into the tide
Where it goes we will never know
You hate what you chose
Still too tired to grow
Fade out in the night sky
Where it shines I won’t be there”

“Scapeson” gets listeners pumped the way a metal song is supposed to. With high-energy, in-your-face instrumentals, and vocals that never falter in intensity (props to Speas’s vocal chords), it’s hard not to rage along to this track.

“Enemies to Everyone” opens unsettlingly soft, with an uneven, clanky beat before turning it up all the way and blasting listeners full force with the power of the song. The vocals are spine-tingling, especially during the chorus.

The closing track, “I Am the Shovel/I Am the Grave” ends the album on a morbid note. It has this slow, even rhythm that is wrought with sadness. This almost shockingly slow track doesn’t have the wailing guitar or intense, screaming vocals of the previous songs. Instead it tugs at the heart with melancholy, toned-down instrumentals and lyrics that are possibly about suicide. It’s dark, it’s different, and it’s the perfect way to close the album.

Dead in the Shadow is definitely an album metal fans can come back to time and time again. The emotion evoked by the tracks is real, especially that last one.

Rating: 4/5

Stream: To Speak of Wolves Dead in The Shadow

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