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Review: KRON Gets Trippy With New Arcane Sanctuary Video


KRON is quickly becoming a recognized name in LA’s ever-expanding synth scene. What began as a house band for a monthly art/tech dance party in a Chinatown warehouse called Ghosting, quickly became something more, as massive crowds came from all over just to see KRON perform.

They are described in a press release as “equal parts Giorgio Moroder, Simian Mobile Disco, John Carpenter, and Amun-Ra (the ancient Egyptian sun god), KRON’s synth jams are forged of forbidden ancient magic and pure molten heat. This is mortal kombat-safari house-horror synth, and even if you’re not “into” retro futuristic galaxy implosions you are biologically compelled to dance to it.”

There certainly is a lot of truth to that statement, if the trio’s new video for their song “Arcane Sanctuary” is anything to go by.

The mid-tempo tune has an eerie vibe to it. Note progression never quite pans out the way listeners would expect, giving “Arcane Sanctuary” an unsettling feeling that is definitely intentional. The synth melodies are absolutely spine-tingling. It’s hard to imagine anyone not being down to party to this jam.

The video itself is quite interesting, with various distorted shots that compliment the song quite well. Underneath the light distortion and trippy effects, it becomes apparent that what viewers are watching is a compilation of performance footage from various points of view. At times the video is shot through the eyes of the one performing, while at other times the performer is being looked upon.

Then there are moments when it’s hard to tell what is going on or what is the focus of the frame. While it may seem odd at a glance, it’s hard to say the visuals don’t go with the song.

Like “Arcane Sanctuary,” the video is exciting, enticing,  but yet there is something just a little off. This, of course, makes perfect sense given the fact that the genre is described as “horror synth.”

Definitely a track to jam to at parties, or when exploring the depths of the human mind.

Rating: 4/5

Watch KRON “Arcane Sanctuary”

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