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Superman Animated Movies Are on the Way

Revisiting the past

One of the greatest Superman stories ever told is The Death of Superman.

supermandoomsdayThe storyline has been adapted several times, but never faithfully adapted. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the story, Warner Brothers Animation and DC Entertainment are going to adapt the death and return of the Man of Steel.

Other DC Universe Original Movies known to be coming soon are Gotham by Gaslight and Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay.

This movie will be the second DC Universe Original Movie to adapt the material. The first is 2007’s Superman: Doomsday (Doomsday for short) which is considered the first of the DC Universe Original Movies.

The movie was greatly condensed and altered the original comic book event to fit within its 75-minute running time.

The upcoming adaptation will be more faithful to the source material, much less condensed and will include many of the fan-favorite moments from the story that were left out of Doomsday.supermanreigns

No official synopsis has been given but fans should recognize the name of the movie.

The name suggests that we’ll be seeing the rise of the Superman alternates that took his place during the year after his death.

The four alternate Supermen were Steel, Cyborg Superman, Superboy and the Last Son of Krypton. Doomsday simplified the return by having only one Man of Steel return instead of all 4.

The new animated films will more faithfully adapt the source material and hopefully tell a great story while doing it.

Obviously this storyline has been adapted in several ways with different ranges of success.

Seeing a faithful adaptation will please fans of the comics and introduce other fans to the storyline for the first time.


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