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Puff Daddy, Rick Ross, Notorious B.I.G. Collaborate on “Watcha Gon’ Do”

Proof that rappers live forever

Bad boy Puff Daddy premiered the single, “Watcha Gon’ Do” featuring Rick Ross and the late Notorious B.I.G. The hip-hop mogul debuted the song during his guest DJ spot Saturday on Apple Music’s OVO Radio.

The track starts off with a distorted voice repeating the line “Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do?” from the Inner Circle hit and COPS theme song, “Bad Boys.” The rappers spit verses about their success as artists and businessmen. Both Diddy and Ross gloat, basking in their accomplishments and tycoon images. Diddy says, “Girl, you know I’m hard to get a hold or contact / Probably overseas with business owners and all that / Flights to Minnesota with dinner over a contract,” remarking on his lavish lifestyle.

“Watcha Gon’ Do” recycles a similar beat and style from that of the 1996 track “You’ll See” by LOX & Biggie. The same distorted voice that repeats the “bad boys” line also repeats “you’ll see” throughout the song. The outro features an obscure, but not completely unknown verse by Biggie, also drawn from the original track.

What the song does best is highlight Diddy’s ability to rejuvenate older tracks, pumping them with a modern sound and feeling. This is why, even after his death, Biggie continues to release music, being considered one of the best, most influential rappers of all time. Dying before his second album was even released, Biggie didn’t have the chance to see the monumental success his music would have. Yet, through the impact he had while he was alive, and the revitalization of his music with the creation of tracks like “Watcha Gon’ Do,” Biggie continues to influence new generations of hip-hop artists.

It is rumored that Diddy will be releasing No Way Out 2, the sequel to his breakout 1997 LP. If that’s the case, there’s a good chance “Watcha Gon’ Do” will be on that album.


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