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Yu Darvish Rocked in Marlins 22-10 Win Over Rangers

You’re at the dealership test driving what you think is an amazing car, and for all intents and purposes, it is. It handles well, it has a clean, leather interior, and “Despacito” doesn’t play on the radio once during the test drive. You’re in a great mood, the salesman is wearing his best plaid jacket (the one with the relatively inconspicuous mustard stains on it), and it looks like everyone is about to walk away happy Then, as you roll back into the dealership to seal the deal and buy the car, the tires fall off and a man jumps out of the trunk with his hands tied and duct tape over his mouth. Today, The Rangers were that car dealer, and Yu Darvish was the car.

Now, we know Darvish is capable of incredible things, and is a great pitcher. It’s just that today was basically the worst day for him to have this kind of start; it was literally the worst start of his MLB career.

“It’s one of those games that happens every so often,” Marlins manager Don Mattingly told the Associated Press. “They actually become hard games to play, trying to preserve arms and not embarrass anybody.”

The Marlins managed to score 10 runs on Darvish, a career high for the Japanese right-hander expected to be one of the biggest pieces to move before this week’s trade deadline. The Los Angeles Dodgers appear to be the favorites to land Darvish in a trade, but Theo Epstein has inquired regarding Darvish’s availability as the Cubs continue to seek an NL Central win.

I suggest they both kick the tires a few more times before clicking the pen.

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