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Alexander Wang Teases Adidas Season 2 Collection

Wang Teases Season 2 Collection

Tomorrow, July 29th, at 12:00 pm Alexander Wang x Adidas’ new collection will be available to the public. Wang gave us a taste of the Season 2 collection by releasing a teaser to advertise the unisex clothing.

The teaser begins with masked people riding around on bikes. They are dressed in Adidas x Wang clothing from head to toe…literally.  Each model is wearing sneakers and tracksuits with hoods that zip over their faces, so their identities are not visible. As the bikers ride around, they tape up posters with a cellphone number on it.

This demonstrates how Wang wants customers to purchase the products. The posters are actually placed all over New York City and the designer wants consumers to call or text the number in order to purchase whichever products they want. This purchasing method also speaks to society’s current obsession with technology and using cellphones. What comes after online shopping? Texting to buy.

The video ends with the bikers arriving at a rave with music blasting and bright colorful lights shining down. Wang’s unconventional teaser and marketing strategies have peaked the public’s interest in the much anticipated collection.

Based on the teaser, it looks like we can expect a lot of neon colors in the collection, such as bright yellow. As well as different takes on the classic Adidas tracksuit we all know and love.

The wait is almost over as tomorrow the teaser will come to life and everyone can see what the talented designer has created. It is still unknown if this unique strategy will be successful but I think it’s safe to say Alexander Wang knows exactly what he’s doing.

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