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Salute Interview: Actor Markice Moore Channels Life Experience Through Entertainment

Multi-talented entertainer, Markice Moore, is currently working his butt off in acting. He started off in the music industry as a rapper at a very young age. Later he transitioned into becoming an actor and now spends most of his time on sets shooting films and television series.

Markice was first seen in the popular 2006 film ATL. However, over the last couple of years, he’s continued acting and landed roles in The Walking DeadRectify, and the 2011 award-winning film 96 Minutes. More recently he’s made appearances in FOX‘s Shots Fired and the FX series Snowfall.

As a man who was formerly an agent of the street life, Markice has really grown and transformed himself into a professional entertainer through hard work and dedication. He’s made mistakes in his life but has managed to learn from each of them.

Markice was able to take some time out while filming the series The Oath, to talk about his work and his life.

Markice Moore

Salute: Tell me about The Oath and your role as “Sleep”

Markice: It’s a TV series on the network Crackle, which is an online platform that has been developing independent programs. The Oath is one of them that is executive produced by 50 Cent or Curtis Jackson, through G-Unit Films. The show is actually based on a true story about a cop gang called The Ravens. It’s about they came together to combat crime in a different way, but they blurred the lines a little bit. It’s like a Training Day meets Sons of Anarchy.

My character is “Sleep” and I’m the younger brother to the drug kingpin that they’re in business with. To be honest with you, my character is the topic of the whole series, because of what happens with him. And my brother isn’t too happy about so it becomes a whole 10 episode ‘what happened to Sleep?’ situation.

Salute: So how is it working on set and having 50 Cent as the executive producer?

Markice: That dude is amazing. For real. I appreciate having somebody that I can relate to, in the position that he’s in. And offering the opportunity that he’s offering me. He talks to everybody on set from the camera guy to the grip people. He’s very friendly and very personable. Overall a good dude. It’s really a blessing and a privilege to be working with him.

Salute: How is it working around other actors that have been around for a while?

Markice: Kwame [Patterson] plays my older brother. He’s dope, and I got a chance to hang out with him a few times. He’s a real cool dude. Sean Bean who played one of the main characters from Game of Thrones plays the dream character on this show. These guys are intense actors and they really forced me to step up my game. And I believe I delivered. So I’m happy with my performance and I’m glad that I was able to

Salute: You’re also on Snowfall which recently premiered, how was that experience versus this project?

Markice: Snowfall is dope because I had more to do. And my character was a little more in depth within the storyline. But that was pretty cool. And then working with the newer actors, you have to remember that a lot of them are unheard of. This was their first project, so we were all kind of feeling each other out.

But Damson [Idris] is an amazing talent, he plays Franklin Saint. And he’s from London I believe. We built up a friendship. And of course Isaiah [John], that’s my boy and Craig Tate, who plays Lenny, I play Ray Ray. Just being with those dudes, we connected. And when you guys see some of the stuff that takes place on Snowfall, you’ll never look at me the same.

Salute: I know you can’t say too much, but can you talk a little about Ray Ray?

Markice: Ray Ray’s crazy! But he’s multi-dimensional. He appears to be one way, but in hindsight, he has different levels to him. In one episode, he kind of starts to break down. He starts to humanize himself. This is a kid who got in too deep. So playing that type of character, I think a lot of younger people are going to relate to Ray Ray. A lot of people are in over their heads, and I think that’s what happens with Ray Ray. I think he gets in over his head and now he has to go all the way.

Salute: Your first acting role was in the 2006 film ATL. How did you get into acting and how did you land that role?

Markice: I got into acting accidentally. I came to Atlanta to pursue music and I was in the music network at the time. I had the record deal and they gave me an advance. I blew through my advance, so I resorted to some of my old ways of doing things. I met some people when I was out there in the streets and they were like, “You know what man, you should really come on set and get in where you fit in.” And that’s pretty much what happened.

I came to set, pretty much every day. I got on the director’s nerves, shout out to Chris Robinson. Shout out to Ulysses Terrero too. If it was for Ulysses saying, “Aye yo, this kid is special,” I probably would have never been in that movie. At the beginning, they didn’t have any roles for me in that movie. Mr. Terrero took me directly to Chris Robinson, and Chris was like, “You know what, hire him. Give him something to do.” And they pretty much added my character into the script. Most of my lines were ad-lib.

Salute: You’ve been involved in a lot of acting roles lately. What projects do you have coming up after you wrap The Oath?

Markice: I’m still auditioning. I have a lot on my plate right now. I’m with Underground Films Management which also represents John Singleton. They took a liking to the wrap party and decided to manage me. To me, it’s a great marriage. I’m looking forward to getting back to L.A. and hit the ground running.

Salute: Do you have in plans with music, since you’re also a rapper?

Markice: Absolutely. Once The Paynes is released, which I’m also a series regular on. It will be OWN in 2018. I intend to create music around that same time.

Salute: And are you working on the music right now?

Markice: Yeah. I mean I have like 50 records already done. So, I’m always working on music. It’s just matter of making sure that when I release music, it’s in sync with all the other projects. I do look forward to releasing the music but as of right now I’m just waiting until more of these shows to come out and people can see my face more. So when the music is out there, they know who I am and will be more inclined to listen.

Salute: You also do a lot of writing. Do you have any projects that you’re working on that you’ve written?

Markice: With Abrahms I’m signed all the way across the board. What that means is that they have a literary department that I’m signed to as well. I wrote some books back when I was incarcerated. One, in particular, is the story about a friend of mine named Craig Petties, who was labeled as a drug kingpin. The only Black man under El Chapo. In fact, El Chapo literally broke him out of prison.

He’s a good friend of mine and I was given the rights and permission to tell his story. So that’s something that I’m very interested in. I’ve already written it, so now it’s just a matter of me sitting down with Abrahms, and figuring out the best way to start pitching this story.

Salute: What was your life like before you got into entertainment?

Markice: I was a young kid from New Brunswick, New Jersey who did what most kids in New Brunswick, NJ did. I sold drugs. I sold pretty much anything else I could get my hands on. I was a hustler man. And I think I owe my success to that mentality. I just decided to make it more productive and make it something that I can do for the long run.

At the end of the day street life is only going to lead to either being dead or in jail, bottom line. And anybody who doesn’t know that, doesn’t really know street life.

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