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A$AP Rocky Wrote a Song about Raf Simons

Please Don’t Touch My Raf

American rapper, A$AP Rocky has been very open about his love and respect for Raf Simons. Simons is a Belgian fashion designer who served as Dior’s creative director from 2012-2015. In  January 2017, A$AP tweeted “Raf is our fashion god” before releasing a teaser of a song titled “Please Don’t Touch My Raf” or “#PleaseDontTouchMyRaf.”

So, it came as no surprise when A$AP released the music video for his song “Raf” this past week. The video pulls inspiration from Simons’ Summer/Spring 2002 and Fall/Winter 1995/96 collections. In Simons’ first ever show in 95/96, models walked in front of an all white backdrop before stopping to make direct eye contact with the camera.

In the “Raf” video, A$AP Rocky, Quavo, and Playboi Carti, honor Simons’ premier collection. They each casually walk in front of a white backdrop and then, as if they are on a runway, stop and pose for the camera. As they rap, they have jackets slung over their shoulders and continue to model their ensembles.

Inspiration from Simons’ 2002 collection is also visible at the beginning of the video. A$AP stands in front of the camera wearing an all white ensemble that covers his neck and mouth. He holds a fire sparkler and waves it in the air as it lets off a pink glow.

Simon’s 2002 collection begins with the sound of a heavy beat and a room illuminated in pink. Then, a model walks down wearing an almost identical outfit to A$AP. His body and face are also covered by his all white garb and he waves a pink fire sparkler as he gracefully traipses down the runway.

The “Raf” track repeats the chorus “Please don’t touch my Raf, Please don’t touch my Raf.” The lyrics also say, “It’s rare Raf, when I wear Raf…Might invest into some Raf shares.” A$AP used his latest track to pay testament to a designer that he respects for his creativity, uniqueness, and individuality. A$AP’s new video is an interesting example of fashion and music uniting to create something very special.

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