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Dave Grohl Keeps Fans Guessing Regarding New LP

The rockstar is good at keeping secrets

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl announced the band’s upcoming album Concrete and Gold will feature “the biggest pop star in the world.” After Grohl made the announcement, rumors began flying as to who the pop star is, Adele being the main target of speculation. Grohl isn’t giving the surprise away, telling Rolling Stone, “We decided we were gonna make it our own dirty little secret and see if anyone can figure it out.” He may not be giving the secret away, but he’s certainly dropped some hints indicating who the pop star may be.

Grohl has helped eliminate two possibilities for who it might be. In regards to Adele appearing on the album, Grohl said,

“Everyone thinks Adele sang on the record. She didn’t sing on the record. I fucking love her, she’s an amazing person – I love her personally, and I of course also love her music – but I think everyone made this correlation because Greg had produced her. I’m like, ‘Fuck, I wish it was Adele. Goddamn, that’d be amazing.”

He’s ruled out Taylor Swift as well, who was also rumored to make an appearance on the album.

What fans should know is that they needn’t be looking in the direction of newer artists when trying to figure out the mysterious pop star collaborator. Grohl himself said, “This person’s been around a long time. And I think I’ve met this person maybe a few times, but I’d never spent time with this person, and we had a blast together. Really fucking fun. And [he or she is] very talented – more so than I ever knew.” Whoever the pop star is, they’re an established talent and a veteran to music.

Who could that be? Well, considering the hints from Grohl are pretty vague, the possibilities are still endless. But it’s safe to say there will be no Ariana Grande’s or Miley Cyrus’ making an appearance. This pop star will be someone of a higher, more legendary caliber.

The Foo Fighters released their first single off Concrete and Gold titled “Run” on June 1st. Concrete and Gold is scheduled for release on September 15th.

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