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Frank Miller to Write Superman:Year One

Miller to exact his will over the Man of Steel

During the DC Master Class panel, comic book legend Frank Miller revealed some interesting news. He interrupted the panel to announce that he was working on Superman: Year One.

Concept art was shown to the panel and is on the DC website as well. Frank Miller is known for writing dark heroes and especially known for writing The Dark Knight Returns.

Frank Miller has written Superman before but never in much of a positive light. Superman was the antagonist of The Dark Knight Returns and was really seen as an errand boy for the government.

Because of this portrayal of Superman, fans wonder if Frank Miller can write Superman. Frank Miller’s Superman is not the same Superman in the mainstream comics. Frank Miller’s Superman is darker and less human.

The newest of the Dark Knight series, Dark Knight III: The Master Race, showed Superman slowly regaining his humanity. There is hope that Frank Miller will write Superman in a better light.

Superman is known to be a character that represents the best of humanity. The character should be bright, fun, and light hearted instead of dark, serious, and edgy. He is not just an errand boy for the American government.

If Frank Miller continues to write Superman the same way he wrote him in Dark Knight III, then Superman: Year One could very well be a great series. When Frank Miller was asked if he hated Superman by DC All Access, his reply was “Of course, who wouldn’t hate someone who could fly, someone who is just loved by everyone, was the handsomest guy who could get all the dates. Of course I went for the underdog who had a nasty streak to him and played a much nastier game than Superman.” While the reply was said in a joking manner, it could hold some truth.

It is unknown if Frank Miller still has resentment against Superman, but Dark Knight III seems to imply otherwise. Hopefully Frank Miller will write Superman in a way true to his character.

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