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Flashback Review: Longpigs’ The Sun is Often Out

Beauty and Passion

51npsbv7hflIn 1996 the British alt rock group, Longpigs, dropped their debut album, The Sun is Often Out. This gem of an album would be declared one of 1996’s 50 best albums by both Q and Melody Maker.

The first track, “Lost Myself,” opens the album up with a melodic, clear guitar part and slow, steady beat that is guaranteed to evoke some swaying and head-nodding in listeners.

Crispin Hunt’s vocals filled with passion as he sings of the desire for love and the fear of getting hurt because of it. The occasional high notes Hunt sprinkles throughout the song can catch listeners off guard, but they succeed in adding another layer of feeling to the already undeniably charming jam. It’s real, and relatable, and over all a great lead in for things to come.

“She Said” is one of two singles on The Sun is Often Out to receive widespread success, reaching the UK Top 20 in June of 1996.

Just as catchy as the last one, if not even more so, “She Said” is definitely a song to rock with. Hunt takes more risks with the vocals on this track, with those signature high notes and gruff bursts of passion, it pays off.

“On & On” also received quite a bit of success. This track is slower, with softer vocals and a warm melody. This is a love song with a bittersweet twist. He loves her, and it even seems that he views her as a muse, but the love is either not reciprocated fully, or not expressed to the extent as it should be. this is apparent from the very start:

“All the songs that I’ve sung you
More often than you know
You’re the love that I’ve clung to
More often than I’ve let it show.”

There’s a rawness to this track that tugs at the heartstrings and strikes a chord in anyone who has ever pined after another.

The last track on the album is fittingly titled “Sleep.” This works so well not just because of the soft, calming melody, but also because this is the the album is, in essence, calling it a night. There’s a slight lullaby quality to this track, but there’s a dark edge to it. Notes of doubt lace the tune and lyrics. This is made blatantly apparent when Hunt sings:

“But how can I trust
You’re really in love
And I’ll have to carry on
Without you”

The thought that she will leave is presented as a certain, and thus the moment they have together as she sleeps is the reality he chooses to lock into his mind for as long as he can.

With catchy songs, and lyrics that practically demand a second listen, The Sun is Often Out is definitely a fun, thought-provoking album worth checking out.

Rating: 4/5

Stream: The Sun is Often Out by Long Pigs

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