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Lorde Goes to Paradise in Perfect Places Video

The stunning video shares a deeper message

In her captivating new video for “Perfect Places,” the closing track on her most recent album Melodrama, Lorde explores an abandoned island paradise. Taking in her spectacular surroundings, the singer brings to life her quest to find perfection.

The video begins with Lorde traipsing through tall grass and dancing beside a large fire, before cutting to a shot of the artist walking through a huge steel gate leading to an immaculate beach. Throughout the video, Lorde can be seen standing on that same beach in an oversized red coat and at dusk in a flowing cream colored dress, as well as bathing near a waterfall. The video captures a breathtaking vision of paradise. Swinging on tree vines and gathering fruit, Lorde is surrounded by natural beauty.

Yet, Lorde is the only person in the video. She has found unrivaled perfection within her abandoned island, but has no one to share the beauty with. There is a kind of loneliness felt as Lorde lounges in front of a feast in an empty dining room and dances alone around a single hanging lightbulb. This underlying loneliness displayed in the video speaks to the difficulty of obtaining perfect happiness. Even in paradise, the seemingly perfect place, there is still the realization that perfection isn’t attainable.

The video ends on Lorde holding the light to her face, reciting the final lyrics of the track. She sings, 

All the nights spent off our faces / Trying to find these perfect places / What the fuck are perfect places anyway?”

In the face of impeccable beauty, Lorde is still questioning and striving for the answer to what it means to find the perfect place.

An artistic vision both simplistic yet powerful, Lorde shows her undeniable talent as a singer, songwriter, and storyteller through “Perfect Places.” She is a relentless individual, continually leaving the world in awe of what she creates.

Melodrama has earned Lorde her first no. 1 album. She is currently on tour; a full list of dates found here.

Watch: Perfect Places

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