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Philipp Plein and Hockey Club Lugano Collaborate

Phillipp Plein Designs Hockey Gear

Designer Philipp Plein signed a two year agreement with Switzerland’s Hockey Club Lugano in an effort to give the club an upgraded makeover.

Plein’s brand was founded in Switzerland and specializes in high end clothes, shoes and accessories for both men and women. While his focus is on luxury fashion, this isn’t Plein’s first time collaborating with a sports team.

In 2012, the designer signed a contract with the Italian soccer team AS Roma to design the players’ uniforms for four consecutive seasons.


Most recently in January 2017, Plein introduced his athletic wear line called Plein Sport, which the designer created to offer consumers options for luxury activewear. He felt there was a certain gap in the market for workout clothes that still looked and felt expensive, so he took it upon himself to fill that void.

Now, Plein will use his experience for a new partnership and take a jump from soccer to hockey. The collaboration will involve designing new jerseys for the team to wear during the season and renovating the Lugano Ice Lounge.

Lugano’s previous jerseys were yellow, black, and white featuring a ferocious tiger above the logo. The tiger’s mouth is open and claws are shown, depicting the team’s competitveness.                                                                                     images

Plein’s new jerseys keep the original yellow, black, and white colors that have become part of Lugano’s tradition. However, the designer swapped out the image of a tiger for the image of an eagle. The eagle carries the same aggressive look in his face, with his yellow eyes, open beak, and sprawled open wings. The eagle symbolizes power and greatness, which may work as motivation for the team to strive for excellence. Underneath the eagle sits the team’s logo.


We can expect a sneak peek of the upcoming collaboration during the hockey pre-season starting September 8th.

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