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Review: Eagles of Death Metal Inspire on Live LP

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Eagles of Death Metal/ I Love You All The Time: Live At The Olympia Paris/Eagle Rock

I Love You All The Time: Live At The Olympia Paris is a mutherfucking celebration of life. Place the emphasis on motherfucking because this live LP is a middle finger to the cowards that months earlier had disrupted a previous night of distorted audio to slaughter innocent concert-goers.

eodmAs  Jesse Hughes  leads one of his primary bands through the trenches of sludgy garage rock, it’s quite evident that this concert was a special recording that captured a special night.

Yes, it’s about the band’s return to a city that was still reeling from previous events. But it’s also about energy and said energy was captured perfectly on tape and/or disk.

The opener “I Only Want You” leaps through the speakers and pauses for a brief moment of silence before the gritty amplitude resumes its rightful place in the order of things.

“Let’s take a moment to remember and then we get back to the fun,” is as heavy a statement that can been heard as it refuses to give the terrorists the attention they so desperately crave while paying respects to those that lost their lives.

Another iconic moment presents itself during the haunting cover of Duran Duran’s melancholic joyride “Save A Prayer.”

Where the new waveish quintet were vocally slick, the Eagles are anything but as they trade grit for gloss to get the most out of the song’s darker side.

Not since Raphael Saadiq released his live opus has Paris been represented with so much power.

By the times the rolling “Speaking In Tongues” finishes off the collection, it’s apparent that this is as an important a live album that has ever existed.

The  brittle slide guitar solo in the gut of the track smack so of Jimmy Page’s concert work and this a road to tow.

There are wrinkles, scuff marks and a lot of other imperfections but the record is like the circumstances very, very real.

The power of live music is on display and I Love You All The Time: Live At The Olympia Paris is one hell of a showcase.

Rating: 4.5/5

Stream: Eagles of Death Metal I Love You All The Time: Live At The Olympia Paris

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