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Review: Justice League #26: Legacy

A New Age of Justice

justice league #26Title: Justice League #26 Legacy Part 1

Publisher: DC Comics

Author: Bryan Hitch

Art: Oclair Albert and Fernando Pasarin

Story Rating: 8

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 9

Justice League #26 starts off 25 years from the current DC comics timeline. Within this future timeline, there are 6 heroes trying to survive in an apocalyptic era. The team does have similar traits to the main Justice League including costumes and powers. They are seen fighting what is described as Aquaman kept alive by Cyborg‘s old body.

During the fight between Aquaman, now called Curry, and the new team, readers see a black lantern ring on Curry’s hand. They use magic to get away from Curry and head to The Infinity Corp building. While looking around the building, a message pops up on a computer similar to the one seen in the Batcave. The message seems to be given by a man named Vincent, telling the team that the stones will take them where they need to go. Vincent is also telling them that they have one chance to end the darkness, fix the world, and save them all.

After the message ends, a villain named Sovereign appears, surrounded by and generating fire. Sovereign tells the team they should not have come to the building and says that they will die. While fighting Sovereign, the team ends up in some sort of portal that takes them away from the building.

The story then cuts to Midway City in present day where it was revealed that tens of thousands of people murdered each other. The Justice League are unaware of what really happened but they are all looking for evidence to provide the answers. The Justice League are discussing the state of the world and if they are doing any good when the children from the beginning appear right in front of the Justice League. They reveal that they are children of the Justice League which ends the issue.

Bryan Hitch has brought elements like the Infinity Corp and the stones from previous issues but has given them a new purpose for this story. The idea of the Infinity Stones sounds similar to Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet, which is being adapted into a movie at the moment.

The dark future aspect of the story is interesting but certain elements do not add up. Throughout Hitch’s run on Justice League, he has been building towards a relationship between Jessica Cruz and Barry Allen. Though in the current Flash run by Joshua Williamson, Barry Allen is dating Iris at the moment. Another problem is this issue seems to imply that Superman and Wonder Woman will have a child together, yet in Superman’s solo series and in Action Comics, Superman is married to Lois Lane and has a son.

Hitch has showed Lois Lane and Jon Kent in the series before, so it makes no sense to why Superman and Wonder Woman have a child together. The story does leave a lot of cliffhangers but hopefully those will be resolved within the next few issues.

The artwork by Oclair Albert and Fernando Pasarin is visually stunning. They are able to balance the color and tone of the dark future, with the present day which has more color. The detail placed on certain aspects of the future are amazing to look at.

Altogether, the story has many great ideas but the execution has some flaws which provides difficulty to really enjoy the issue. Hopefully the next issues will answer some questions that need to be answered.

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