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E!’s “Life of Kylie” Premiere

The first episode of Kylie Jenner‘s E! reality television series Life of Kylie recently premiered. The show follows Kylie as she displays the side of her that people rarely get to see on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kylie talks a lot about the differences between her public persona and the real her. She discusses the pressures of keeping up with her image, especially since she has to promote her makeup business. However, she prefers to dress down and wear little to no makeup. Also, she struggles with feeling like an outcast from being on television at a young age, having a lot of fame and money, and being homeschooled. All these factors inhibit her from being able to relate to people.

On the first episode, Kylie has decided to attend the prom of a teenage boy, Albert, who also feels like an outcast. She Facetimes Albert’s mother and learns that he’s been having a hard time in school and can’t get a date to his prom. Kylie makes it her mission to surprise him as he prom date.

Unfortunately, everything doesn’t go as planned. The idea is that Albert will think that he’s won a free tuxedo for his prom, but will meet Kylie in the process and learn that she will be his date. Kylie has rented a private jet to fly to Albert’s hometown the day of, but the plane has mechanical issues.  Her options are to either find another private jet or fly commercial.

Normal people would just take the commercial flight. It’s cheaper and it almost guarantees that she will make it on time. But this show exposes the difficulties of travel for Kylie who hates commercial flights. Not because she’s too fancy to fly commercial, but going to the airport becomes a nightmare for her. She’s bombarded by swarms of people and make paparazzi flashing cameras in her face. The anxiety of being in an airport with all of those people trying to get at her is overwhelming. Fortunately, her flight situation is resolved and the episode ends right before she surprises Albert.

The differences between Life of Kylie and other KUWTK spin-offs is the fact that she explains a lot of her life. People who watch KUWTK, Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Khloe & Lamar, I Am Cait, and Rob & Chyna know that it’s usually just following members of the family around. But in Kylie’s show, she’s giving an in-depth look into her life and how she feels about certain situations. She herself equates the show to be similar to therapy because she’s really peeling back all of her layers. Kylie is exposing herself in hopes that she can figure out what will make her happy.

WATCH: A Clip of Life of Kylie

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