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A Hulk Returns to Sakaar

Amadeus Cho walks on Sakaar

Marvel Comics brings the mighty gamma brawler Amadeus Cho to the distant planet Sakaar once more in the Marvel Legacy event in The Incredible Hulk #709. Amadeus Cho who shares the same powers, as the green goliath will travel to the far reaches of the universe.

 Amadeus finds himself on Sakaar and must adjust to the new environment and discover the hidden history behind the planet. The tales of the first Hulk are whispered amongst the people who lived to see the great gladiatorial battles that shook the stars.

The people behind this new chapter for Amadeus Cho are Greg Pak and Greg Land. Greg Pak is a veteran comic book writer has written for multiple comic book publishers including Dynamite, DC, and MARVEL COMICS. The titles that have emerged from Pak are Astonishing X-Men, Hercules, Hulk, and Amadeus Cho. Greg Land is a comic book artist who has made a career through Marvel Comics having worked on Uncanny X-Men, Weapon X, and Ultimate Fantastic Four.

 Greg Pak tells Marvel the new locations and territory to be explored by Amadeus as he finds himself on this new world.

“We’ll literally see a different side of the planet! During the original PLANET HULK story, folks frequently mentioned the Red King’s war on the neighboring nation of Fillia. In RETURN TO PLANET HULK, Amadeus will land on that other continent – which is now a desolate wasteland devastated by the Red KING’s bombing campaigns. So it’ll be familiar and fun for PLANET HULK fans, but it’s a distinct situation and culture that explores another part of Sakaar and the legend of the Worldbreaker.”

Greg Pak continues to tell Marvel the different atmosphere and appearance to the new places of Sakaar.

“You’ll see familiar Sakaarian species like the insectivorid Hivers, the gray Shadow, and the red Imperials, but wer’re introducing a brand new set of supporting characters and villains here. And Since they inhabit a different part of the world and have been through different experiences, the look and feel is more barbarian post disaster than the ancient Rome sci-fi of the original. It’s a tremendous amount of fun – new worldbuiding based on the incredibly fun worldbuilding we did during the original story.”

Amadeus Cho will be challenged above and beyond as he learns of this new world full of danger and cultural. Be the first to see one of Marvel’s strongest characters face off in the stars come later this year 2017.

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