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SALUTE Spotlight: 7 Independent Artists To Check Out (08/07/17)

The best are on the rise.

With the music scene being such a vast and mysterious place, it can be easy for amazing indie artists to go completely unnoticed by the listeners who would appreciate them the most.

Spotlight is Salute’s way of bringing all that raw talent together in one place for fans to find the music that speaks for them, and for the artists to get the love and attention they deserve.

Aiming to cover every genre, from rap to rock and everything in between, Scene Spotlight will feature new indie artists every week for everyone’s listening pleasure every Monday.

c_hduvex_400x400Short Sharp Scratch

Former guitarist of Kingston, Jak Chantler, is stepping away from rock n’ roll in lieu of a more soulful sound. His debut solo release, “Shell Suit” is set to drop September 15, 2017 under the name Short Sharp Scratch.

Awesome alliteration aside, a live version of the single can be heard on YouTube, and it has wonderfully funky energy that hits hard. It’s catchy, it’s fun, and it’s got this genuine air about it.

Find Them:         (TW)



While the New Brunswick based indie pop trio, Dollys may have taken their final bow, that doesn’t mean all they’ve achieved together in their time as a band will be lost to the wind.

Consisting of Natalie Newbold, Jeff Lane, and Erik Romero, the band dropped their newest and final LP, tense, dropped on July 21, 2017, and it 100% worth the listen.

Their songs are high-energy and cheerful. Having a bad day? Dollys is the band to listen to to bring a smile back to your face. Their lyrics are oh so fun, and Newbold’s vocals are spot-on.

Find Them:         (IG)    (TW)    (FB)


ghostuntildeathWe’re Ghosts Now

We’re Ghosts Now is a band from Freehold, New Jersey with some of the best energy to have ever graced the stage. Their sound, as stated in their bio on Facbook, is “a nice combination of rock, indie, and perfection,” which is absolutely an accurate description.

Consisting of Ben Resnick (Guitar, Vocals), Max Resnick (Bass, Vocals), Jake Resnick (Drums, Vocals), and Matt Imperato (Guitar, Vocals) We’re Ghosts Now can be found tearing it up at venues all over New Jersey, definitely worth the trip for out-of-state fans.

Their newest EP, Until Death, is set to drop August 26, and is (now former) guitarist and violist, Alex Iannone’s  last project with the Ghost family. While this may be bittersweet, Until Death is guaranteed to be an amazing listen worth waiting for.

Find Them:         (IG)    (TW)    (FB)


a1564081077_16Look Vibrant

Look Vibrant is a Canadian artpop band whose sound will take the mind to places it’s never been before. With a unique mesh of noise rock and indie pop vibes, they’re sure to become a fast favorite.

Their new single, “Numb Your Spirit“, hit the scene on July 24, and has been raking in the replays ever since. Justin Lazarus, Matt Murphy, Andrew David, Eli Kaufman, and Alex Rand really have something cool going on here.

So if you’re into an underground sound with depth that still has the energy to brighten up your day, then look no further, Look Vibrant is right here.

Find Them:         (IG)    (TW)    (FB)


underachievers-1The Underachievers

The Underachievers are an East-Coast rap duo with so much fire behind their music it’s ridiculous. Rappers AK and Issa Gold spin vocal magic together that even people who don’t like rap can get behind.

Their beats are sick, and their lyrics are so well-crafted and packed with meaning, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to call it poetry. Music and purpose come together on their newest album, Renaissance, which dropped back on May 19.

Find Them:         (IG)    (TW)    (FB)


9d0fb459a64971325f7dc06efdfb06a8-500x500x1L Banks

Full Name: Liana Banks. Her game: awesome music that gets heads notting and hips moving. Her newest single, “People Like Me” graced the scene back in May, and it’s everything party fiends would hope for.

The mid-tempo tune has undeniable sex appeal mixed in with some smooth, caribbean influences mixing flawlessly with a more techno, dance music style. A must have for any party playlist.

Find Them:         (IG)    (TW)    (FB)


screen-shot-2017-08-07-at-10-59-00-amFun While You Wait

What happens when you combine folk, pop, and reggae? The answer: pure magic and oh so much fun. That’s what makes New Jersey’s very own Fun While You Wait’s name so fitting. Devon Moore’s (vocals, ukulele), Kevin Newcomb (bass), Keith Leming, (drums, vocals), and Bruce Krywinski Jr. (trumpet) come together on stage to make something truly unique that is guaranteed to lift spirits left and right. Their new EP, Of Course, is set to be released September 1, 2017.

Find Them:         (IG)    (TW)    (FB)

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