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2018 Met Gala’s Controversial Theme

Met Gala’s 2018 Theme Centers on Religion

Each May, the Met Gala is held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Only the most elite of celebrities, fashion designers, and influencers get an invitation to the prestigious event.

This year, it seems the Met Gala is not afraid of a little controversy surrounding their theme. According to several sources, the 2018 Met Gala’s theme will focus on merging together fashion and religion. Religion can be a very devisive topic as it has fueled wars for centuries. However, it seems the Met is ready to push the envelope and see how their guests will dress to fit the theme.

The Met has not yet confirmed the theme, but after last year’s “The Art of the In-Between” it is clear that despite which theme is chosen, attendees come dressed to impress.

Remember Katy Perry’s all red ensemble?02-met-gala-cheat-sheet-nocrop-w710-h2147483647

Or SJP’s show stopping headdress?


Those are just a few examples of how celebrities go all out for the gala, not only creating an outfit but a piece of art. A new theme regarding the influences of fashion and religion could be the perfect way for the Met to step it up a notch and keep its attendees interested and excited to create their looks.

We are patiently awaiting May and are secretly hoping Beyonce will bring the twins.

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