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Black Crew Ink Chicago: Kat’s Back at 9MAG

Things on the latest episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago got heated. Katrina “Kat” Jackson is back in Chicago, fresh off the plane from Los Angeles. And she’s here to bring her 9Mag family back together.

On previous episodes, we see that Van Johnson and Ryan Henry have major tension due to changes being made at 9Mag. Fellow employee, Junior, decided to jump into the beef and found himself find a brawl with Van. Cobra from last season is back and Charmaine Walker isn’t having it. She’s still made about the sunglasses that she accused Cobra of stealing.

Kat’s suggestion is that the only team take a trip to a lake cabin. The gang seems a little suspicious but play along. At the cabin, Charmaine apologizes for the way she treated Cobra after hearing that her father recently passed. As a sign of good faith, Cobra bought Charmaine a new pair of sunglasses to match her own. Van also squashed his past beef with Cobra and told her where his anger was coming from.

Unfortunately, the good times cost Charmaine her job at the radio station. She was already on thin ice since she was put on probation after acting unprofessional in the studio with her boyfriend. Her last chance came in the form of a Hip-Hop brunch that she was supposed to attend for the station. But her drunken antics led to her waking up an hour after the brunch began and showing up 3 hours late. In the end, she was let go.

Kat and Don Brumfield decided that the only way to bring the rest of the members of 9Mag together was to have an impromptu boxing match. Surprisingly, it worked and brought Ryan and Van back together. However, the session was interrupted by Phor Brumfield‘s girlfriend Nikki, who crashed the party to fight Phor and Kat.

Earlier in the episode, Phor sent Kat two dozen roses. He claims that he did it to show that everything was good between the two of them. Kat decided to send them back since in her mind the roses sent the wrong message. Apparently, Nikki agrees, because Kat sent them to her shop and when she read the note she went crazy. Don’s wife Ashley found the address to the cabin and let Nikki loose on Phor and Kat.

But that’s not the best part. During the partying, there may have been some action between Kat and Ryan. Cameras caught her coming out the bathroom while he was in there. And a suspicious discussion between the two at the docks, when no one was around, will make you think that they have something to hide.

WATCH: A Clip of Kat Receiving Two Dozen Roses from Phor

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