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Metallica Does Rihanna in Carpool Karaoke

San Francisco thrash veterans Metallica are a band that has typically taken themselves way too seriously during their epic career.

Over time they have learned to lighten up and in doing so have embraced the concept that even “The Four Horsemen” can have a sense of humor.

At one point drummer Lars Ulrich spoke with punk icon Iggy Pop regarding the savage reaction that was shot at their project with Lou Reed.

The Lulu phase sits on the group’s timeline as a point where their vantage point felt like it started to shift.

“We’re pretty thick-skinned, Ulrich said. “We’ve been through ups and downs for years, and if we like something we’d done and we enjoy the experience, that’s what matters to us. But I think he was really saddened by the response to [Lulu] and I felt…it was weird. The roles changed at the end where I became almost more maternal to him, and had to like sort of comfort him through this very difficult month when the record came out and it just got fucking slammed, you know. “

Maybe intentionally or unintentionally, the Lulu experience proved to the band that they can experiment with different flavors and emotions and it won’t take away from their core.

Fast forward to the now and the band is doing the Grammys with Lady Gaga and providing comic relief to Billy Eichner.

The quartet dropped a preview video of their upcoming appearance on Carpool Karaoke and it’s very…special.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing in the video that will taint the sonic bliss that is “Orion.”

Watch: Metallica Carpool Karaoke


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