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This Fall, Think Pink

This Fall Is All About Pink

Normally when we think of Fall fashion, we think about cozy knits, boots, and our favorite pair of jeans. Our Fall color palette usually consists of deeper tones such as burgundy, brown, black, blue, and green. However, this Fall is going to be all about pink.

That’s right, you heard me. Everywhere you look you’ll notice brands adding pink to their campaigns. If you don’t believe me I’ll prove it…

Check out this latest Free People advertisement:


Blush pink is going to be an “it” color next season, and though it can seem scary to wear a shade we consider summer during the Fall and Winter, it’s easy to incorporate into your look. And once you start wearing pink during cooler weather, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this for years.

Some of my favorite pink pieces for the Fall take items that aren’t necessarily girly and give them a twist by adding the sweet, feminine color. For example, look at this gorgeous Alice + Olivia Leather Moto Jacketscreen-shot-2017-08-11-at-12-04-18-am
When you think of a leather jacket, you most likely think of black or brown, but this dusty rose color offers the perfect juxtaposition. The unexpected factor of designing a leather moto jacket in pink is what makes it so unique. Plus, the “Love Yourself” message on the back is always a plus.

The key to making pink work in the Fall is to choose stand out items and add them into your ensemble. Pairing jeans with a white t-shirt and this leather jacket would be a killer look. But, pairing this jacket with a pink skirt and pink heels would be overkill. Use pink as a statement piece, not as a rule for your head to toe look.

Another great way to ease into wearing pink is through your accessories. Instead of your staple black bag, opt for a pink purse instead. It will add a pop of color to your outfit and will keep you on trend without walking too far outside of your comfort zone.

This Rebecca Minkoff Love Velvet Crossbody Bag is a great option


Once again, we see pink added to a slightly unusual texture. Velvet is common for the Fall but usually in black or a deep red. A purse that’s made of pink velvet is much more rare, and in my opinion, much more fun. You could pair this purse with jeans, heels, and your favorite knit sweater.

In order to embrace pink next season, we have to let go of our preconceived notions that Fall is for dark colors and our white and pink items need to be moved to the back of our closet. As the weather gets cooler, experiment with wearing pink and you just might surprise yourself with how much you love it.

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