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Marshmello, P!nk and Queens of the Stone Age Lead New Music Round Up

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A new batch of songs has been bestowed upon music lovers. This week is a great mix of EDM, rock and pop. There were too many tracks to count that are worth looking into, but these singles are the top of their game.

A new bass heavy track from festival beast Marshmello arrived. “Silence” is a ballad featuring Khalid. The two combined makes for a brisk single and a guaranteed new favorite collaboration. Khalid’s vocals are an assertive force as he croons about finding his voice and being silent for too long. With Marshmello heading to Billboard’s Hot 100 Fest next weekend, Aug. 19-20, “Silence” may get it’s debut live performance.

Rita Ora tweeted a thank you to Avicii before their single “Lonely Together” dropped. After that fans awaited to see what the Swedish DJ and British singer would produce together. What they got was a great late-summer anthem that will make waves as college kids flood their favorite bars going back to school this month. It’s a perfect single for the late night atmosphere as Ora sings about being a little less lonely for one night with a contagious background beat.

The new single for Timeflies is “Nobody Has to Know.” It’s a really good mix of the Timeflies formula of rapping/singing. Lead singer Cal Shapiro sounds more mature than when the band first formed in 2010. He’s found his voice and it works well in “Nobody Has to Know.” The track is a slow ballad regarding a secret affair. It’s more aimed toward showcasing Shapiro than anything. It is worth checking out.

Queens of the Stone Age has been electrifying rock music for the past 21 years. Their new single, “The Evil Has Landed” continues that trend. It’s a hard-hitting track that is a real head banger. Rock music has taken a turn in the 2000’s with bands like Linkin Park and Five Finger Death Punch coming onto the scene. The older vibes of the electric guitar heavy tracks are a great throwback to the earlier rock days. “The Evil Has Landed” is a single that will be a treat to experience live.

P!nk is an artist that should be much more famous than she is. Her voice is one of the few out there in pop music that is actually pure. There is no auto-tune, not to mention her stage presence is phenomenal. Pink released a single “What About Us” and it’s a beautiful ballad. In the past Pink has sung about her painful childhood with “Family Portrait” or her intense relationship with her husband in “Try.” Her latest is another example of her powerful vocals belting about her real issues. The track is one that fans will appreciate for it’s genuine pain and anguish.

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