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NFL: Evaluating a Busy Day of Trades for the Buffalo Bills

A busy day in Buffalo

Even the deepest parts of the NFL could not have expected what the Buffalo Bills did today. Not once, but twice, the Bills struck a deal to potentially end their horrid postseason drought. Buffalo and most jokes go together far too often, and trying to buck a nasty trend is one of the main goals of the current coach, Sean McDermott.

But how well did the Bills fare following two trades that caught most people by surprise? Take a look at the breakdown of each trade and decide for yourself.

Bills send WR Sammy Watkins and 2018 sixth-round pick to Rams for CB E.J. Gaines and a 2018 second-round pick.

The shock of the NFL preseason was dropped on the masses, as Buffalo sends their No. 1 wide receiver in Watkins to the Rams for cornerback E.J. Gaines and a swap of 2018 picks.

Wait, what?

When Buffalo pulled off a trade a few years ago that sent running back LeSean McCoy to them for linebacker Kiko Alonso, fans were shocked. And then the Bills went and pulled off a trade that sent the oft-injured Watkins to Los Angeles for some defensive help. Not only that, but they also picked up another second-round pick for next year.

NFL fans blame Buffalo for consistently making bad decisions, but this trade made sense from plenty of different angles.

First, Watkins has been on the sidelines for 11 games during his first three seasons of his NFL career. Second, his career-high for receptions is 65, which took place during his rookie season. Finally, they needed secondary help with the loss of Stephon Gilmore to the rival New England Patriots.

On top of all of that, the Bills weren’t expected to do much this season anyway, so gaining future draft picks is a win for this team. Having seen what Buffalo has done in the past, gaining picks instead of trading them away is a great sign.

Bills send CB Ronald Darby to Eagles for WR Jordan Matthews and a third-round pick. 

This portion of the day seems a little sketchy, but wide receiver suddenly became a need for Buffalo after trading Watkins. Matthews has proven that he can be a consistent threat at his position, and he tends to be on the field for more games than Buffalo’s former No. 1 receiver.

Another draft pick was also gained, but the cost here might have sunk the Bills, as they send an above-average cornerback packing shortly after picking one up. The phrase “addition by subtraction” is the route that appears to come into play with this trade, but again, another draft pick was added to the 2018 list for Buffalo.

As the NFL Draft takes place in 2018, Buffalo will have two first-round picks, two second-round picks and two third-round picks, which isn’t a bad thing for a team that finds itself rebuilding yet again.

All in all, the trades that were made by the Bills on Friday will leave some people scratching their head, others cursing into the wind, some fans excited and opposing teams licking their chops.

In other terms, the Bills being who they are and hoping that they can end a curse that is a consistent reminder of poor management decisions made and hoping for the best outcome.

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