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Preview: We’re Ghosts Now Rocks Out on New EP ‘Until Death’

ghostuntildeath“We all have a spot in our brain where we go to escape,” and We’re Ghosts Now has made it their goal to be the soundtrack to that special place of respite hidden away deep in the soul. It’s easy to see that the New Jersey based indie rock band loves what they do, and aspires to make beautiful music for as long as they can.

With the release of their newest EP, Until Death, just around the corner, this band of brothers (by spirit and blood) has a lot going for them.

On this, their latest project, Ben Resnick, (guitar, vocals), Max Resnick (bass, vocals) and Jake Resnick (drums, vocals) come together with Alex Iannone (formerly violin, guitar, vocals) one last time for five tracks of sheer awesomeness.

The EP kicks off with a super catchy song called “Sadie.” The violin at the beginning, courtesy of Alex, is absolutely chilling, and the melody is nothing short of haunting.

Little Thread” is a song to dance to that will leave listeners energized and ready to take on the world. Something about it just lifts the spirit; be it the solid beat, the impressive vocals, the vibrant melody or any combination of those things. This is one song to sing along to (preferably from the crowd at one of We’re Ghosts Now’s live shows.)

The third track on the EP, “Find You,” is a haunting tune that is extremely likely to get stuck in the most jaded listener’s head. The band does an amazing job establishing a rhythm that carries the vibe of the song and makes it such an ear worm.

On The Road” features a powerful guitar part that will definitely induce some intense head-nodding — watch out for whiplash, and please rock out responsibly. The vocals are tight, and something about this song just gets the blood pumping. A-plus material to plan an epic adventure to.

The final track on the EP is called “Are You Coming Home,” and it is undeniably the perfect song to close out on. Something about the melody is uplifting and inspiring. Though the uncertainty there’s a sense of hope that the object of affection being sung about will actually be “coming home.” This song is easy to dance to, and has so much replay value.

Until Death is a very well crafted EP with versatile tracks that stand well on their own, and are an experience when listened to together. Fans of rock music should not pass up We’re Ghosts Now, and be sure to mark their calendars for the EP’s official release on Aug. 26.

Rating: 5/5

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