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Review: Downtown Boys Bring the Hype on Cost of Living

costofliving_sq-2edd6178e1500d61c9287af632a4abd11e32b84b-s300-c85Rhode Island based punk rock band, Downtown Boys just dropped their newest album, Cost of Living and the energy they bring is something else.

The “six-piece, multicultural, gender-integrated, bilingual rock band” came to be when Victoria Ruiz met Joey De Francesco back when they were both working at a luxury hotel in Providence, RI.

The first track on the album, “A Wall,” gets the blood pumping and preps listeners for what’s to come. The serious guitar shredding meshes well with the high-powered vocals making this one song to jam to.

“Promissory Note” features a prominent baseline that adds a something special to the song. There’s a lot of emotion put into this rather angry song. It’s all about confrontation, which is mirrored in the vocals. It’s not about being rose-tinted and pretty, but raw and real. The vocal stylings may not be for everyone however, as they can come off as rather intense.

“It Can’t Wait” has a fun rhythm and, as with the other tracks on the album, so much energy. The guitar part on this song is seriously catchy, and even more passion is put into the vocals (if that was even possible.)

One thing that’s interesting about Cost of Living is that it has a legitimate outro, which isn’t a common occurrence these days. The minute-long track goes by the name “Bulletproof,” and features a short spoken word piece backed by a trancelike, distorted, slow guitar piece.

The poem is rather inspirational, encouraging listeners to live their life and have faith that the change that is meant to happen will. It’s rather relaxed compared to the other tracks on the album.

Downtown Boys definitely have something interesting going. The members are clearly adept at their chosen craft, and don’t shy away from putting their heart and soul into what they do. While this album may be a little intense for casual listeners, rock fans should definitely give it a listen.

Rating: 4/5

Stream:  Cost of Living by Downtown Boys

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