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Basketball Wives Season 6 Reunion Part 1

The ladies of Basketball Wives Season 6 have come together for their reunion special. Over the past season, there has been a lot of arguments and a couple of fist fights. But now they’re back to hash everything out.

Sitting on the couches as the principals are Shaunie O’Neal, Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, and Malaysia Pargo. Hanging out on the sidelines are Jennifer Williams, Bonnie-Jill Laflin, Cristen Metoyer, Hazel Renee, and Saniy’yah Samaa.

Things kicked off with a discussion of the Tami vs. Evelyn situation. Their beef was so big that it was initially used as a promotion point for the show. But surprisingly the two managed to squash everything early on. During the season, Shaunie found herself in the middle of their feud, and viewers didn’t like how she handled her friendship with both. However, both Tami and Evelyn vouched for her, saying that never reveals what the other said.

The main event, Evelyn vs Jackie took over the entire season. Evelyn explains why she initially donated to Jackie’s daughter GoFundMe page. Jackie claims that Evelyn only donated to get shine for the show. As the season progressed, Evelyn continued to communicate with Jackie’s daughter Ta’Kari, which obviously angered Grandma Christie.

Most of the reunion is Jackie and Evelyn going back and forth. Basically, the same ole, same ole. On the side, there was a little talk about Cristen Metoyer’s miscarriage. They also discussed Bonnie-Jill’s role in instigating some of the drama. Also, they touched a little on Malaysia hilarious comment about putting her legs on one leg at a time like everyone else.

Brandi Maxiell was briefly mentioned. Malaysia brought her around the girls after being asked not to. Tami explained why she left when she saw Brandi. Apparently, she didn’t want to do anything violent so leaving was the best option for her. She also talked about how people didn’t like that she left, but either she stayed and watch the drama unfold, or leave.

Often times when there’s too much conflict on the show the women are bombarded with negative comments. However, when they try to do better they’re also met with some resistance from viewers who watch for solely for the drama. It’s a can’t win for losing type of situation.

Next week the second part of the reunion will air and there’s no telling what’s left to talk about.

WATCH: A Clip for the Basketball Wives Season 6 Reunion

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