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Column: Feminism Collides with Envy and Fashion

The Serial Shopper

The Serial Shopper is Salute Magazine’s weekly column authored by Fashion Editor Money Jensen. The Serial Shopper is a weekly look into the mind of our quirky and eclectic Fashion Editor and her thoughts on the state of the fashion industry, fashion influencers, and controversial topics within.

Being a feminist is something many people claim to be, but as women are we our own worst enemy when it comes to feminism in relation to fashion?

Decade after decade, what is acceptable for women in fashion has evolved. Many would say that the current climate of style has given us more freedom than we have ever had. In the digital age, we have evolved to a level where we are more comfortable than we ever have been with our bodies and our clothing choices, and in turn, have displayed those choices proudly on the various digital platforms of the day.

In the current political climate, many women across the globe consider themselves to be feminists. To know what a feminist is, you must first know the definition of feminism. According to Miriam Webster, feminism is;definition-of-feminism

In turn, to be a feminist, believe that women and men should be on equal footing socially, economically, and politically. As I thought about the differences in men’s and women’s fashion choices, I realized that although many women liken themselves to be feminists, many of us, including myself, have found it hard to shed our predisposed thoughts on modesty and the female form.

As a woman who grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, there were a lot of pushed boundaries that got us to the present state of fashion where mesh shirts and showing your bra is acceptable (none of us can forget the thong above the jeans trend). But as we get older, why are so many women the first to label other women as promiscuous, slutty, thotty, and so on when modesty is a construct created by a society that has brainwashed us into thinking that there is something wrong with loving our natural form for fear of unwanted male advances?

Being covered is not a bad thing, if that is your choice, by all means, wear an Anorak everywhere you go if that is how you feel. But as women, we must stop shaming other women who embrace and love their bodies and decide to show them off.

In doing so, we fracture the strong unity it will take for us to push forward and truly stand on equal footing with our male counterparts. What we wear changes from day to day and reflects the different parts of our complex personalities, but it does not completely define us.

Supporting one another, no matter what we wear, takes power back from those who choose to hold it back from us. We cannot call ourselves feminists, or even that we support feminism if we are not resolute in the idea that we should have the right to love our sisters and their individual forms without judging their character for wearing a skintight catsuit, or a beautiful gown with only flower appliques covering the nipples. You can be personally modest and still support another woman’s right not to be.

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