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Video: Martin Garrix Drops Teaser at Tomorrowland

EDM Track of the Summer

Martin Garrix dropped a new release at the world famous music festival Tomorrowland. Garrix is the youngest artist to ever win the DJ Mag’s “DJ of the Year Award.” He’s been climbing the charts producing hit after hit. His singles couldn’t be more fitting for the giant festival.

Garrix has been teasing fans when asked about a new release. He’s mentioned a closing number for Tomorrowland that will elate his fanbase.

All summer Garrix has been dropping unnamed tracks into his sets making him gain more popularity. His spontaneous set lists are keeping fans on their toes as they anxiously await the next performance. Garrix has been seen in the studio recently turning out track after track.

His performance at Tomorrowland ended up being a bonafide success with his new single coming out just in time. Since hinting on Twitter about the song and his performance at the Belgium festival, fans were enthralled.

Check out Garrix’s performance at Tomorrowland and stay put unit the end! The teaser single electrifies on stage. It’s clear Garrix is a force to be reckoned with when putting on a performance like this.

Watch: Martin Garrix at Tomorrowland

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