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Louis The Child Intensifies Chance The Rapper’s Remix

When the remix outshines the original.

Chance the Rapper and Louis the Child grew up in Chicago. Both artists have both shared their love for for the city as well as each other. Specifically, the duo that make up Louis the Child shared with Billboard,

“Chance is an inspiration and a role model. We love the positivity he puts out into the world”. Being from Chicago, we’ve been fans of Chance for a while and we were excited to remix our favorite song off Coloring Book.”

It is obvious love and admiration is present on the track. The remix is lively and soulful. To EDM and remix diehards this will top the original. This mix has kept the same crafty and slick vibe from the first. Louis the Child has managed to take an impressive track and turn it into a club banger that would be insane to be present up-close in person for a live performance.

The incredibly bass-heavy sound with the high energy and futuristic drum synchronization make for an unforgettable addition to Louis the Child’s track list for their upcoming North American Tour starting in October.

Stream: Louis the Child’s Remix “All Night”

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