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Review: Everything Everything Drops Long-Awaited Album, Fever Dream

f1595ce544c42f8819cbc0eedf65be59-1000x1000x1The wait is over, English indie rock band Everything Everything has finally dropped the much anticipated album, Fever Dream.

The Manchester based quartet came onto the scene back in 2007, and dropped their debut album, Man Alive, in 2010. With a unique sonic style that combines elements of indie rock, pop, and electronica, Everything Everything really does cover, well, basically everything.

It’s plain to see that Jonathan Higgs (vocals, guitar, laptop), Jeremy Pritchard (bass), Michael Spearman (drums), and Alex Robertshaw (guitar) pulled out all the stops for this album, with super catchy jams that will quickly become favorites.

The album opens op with “Night Of The Long Knives,” which is just as intense as the title suggests. The beat leaves listeners in a trance as Higgs hits them hard with those long notes and lyrics that cut deep- no pun intended. There’s something enchanting about the melody, with its fast pace and unexpected chord progressions, it really gets the brain hooked and anticipating what would happen next.

“Desire” is the anthem of all the troublemakers out there who just want to watch the world burn, and that’s a good thing. It opens with a climbing guitar that gets the listeners hyped and ready to go. Combined with a simpler melody than the aforementioned “Night Of The Long Knives,” the intense instrumentals and Higgs’s high notes add a sense of twisted glee to the song. The lyrics are literally evoking images of the world burning, as noted when the backing vocals chant “do you wish to see fire in the clouds?”

“Put Me Together” starts out with an ambient drone and a catchy beat. One of the softer tracks on the album, “Put Me Together” is full of etherial chords, harmonies and dreamy tones. There’s a sweetness to this song that makes it stick with the listener. There are sound effects adding a sense of dissonance around the halfway mark, spicing things up a little.

The last track on the album, “White Whale,” is a lot of fun. It opens up with a measured tempo and clear, deep lyrics. This is a love song about a romance of epic proportions, like the legendary white whale itself. The drop hits with a ghostly guitar and an angelic choir. There really isn’t anything about this track or the love it describes that isn’t grand. The desire for this love to last and “be ok” fuels this track, evoking a true sense of passion.

A Fever Dream is definitely an interesting album that has to be experienced first-hand to get a true grasp of what Everything Everything is working with. It’s fun, it’s deep, and it’s definitely worth the listen.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to A Fever Dream by Everything Everything

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