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Sephora x Moschino’s Fast Sellout Left People Angry

Moschino x Sephora Sells Out Online

Sephora x Moschino’s much anticipated collaboration was released today, and the key items sold out almost instantly. People, including myself, have been waiting to get their hands on this collection for awhile.

The innovative, quirky fashion brand spearheaded by Creative Director Jeremy Scott, worked together with Sephora, the holy grail of cosmetics stores, to create a Limited Edition collection. Could anything be better?!


The collection included this adorable bear shaped eyeshadow palette. Inside this cute gold bear that reads “This Is Not A Moschino Toy” sits 21 stunning hues. The top half are more neutral burgundy and bronze colors while the bottom half is filled with more vibrant shades of blue, purple and green. The best part about this palette is the price point of $48.


This $54 brush set is another highlight of the collection. The box comes with five different brushes, each with a bear head situated on the end. The brushes range from eyeshadow brushes to blush and highlighter brushes.

Many people patiently waited for the launch and were upset to log onto their computer and discover the collection was already sold out. Sephora’s website is filled with many not-so-nice reviews from frustrated customers such as “The way Sephora is handling this is a joke. If you have more product in stock, just release it.” This comment pertains to the fact that Sephora is doing an in-store release on August 24th but a limited amount of inventory will be available.

Also to add to the frustration, Sephora x Moschino’s release date was originally scheduled for August 11th but was pushed back to the 18th.

There are several items from the collection that are still available online such as the Bear Eye Mask, Bear Compact Mirror, and Bear Lipgloss Chain which features six mini lipglosses. However, the most in demand items such as the Bear Eyeshadow Palette, Bear Highlighter, and Bear Brush Set are all gone.

Hopefully, the in-store release will give people a chance to get some of the collection’s most coveted pieces. In the meantime, head to Sephora and check out the remaining items. Who knows, a fluffy bear sleeping mask may be the thing you never knew you needed.

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