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Dolls Kill Slash Into Retail and Boundaries

The art of rebellion

Rebelista fashion brand Dolls Kill dipped their toes into retail starting on 8-19. Located in the heart of San Francisco, the daily pop-up shop at 1475 Haight Street launched with a feverish start.

Starting with the theme “In Dust We Trust,” the focus points are primal jackets, tops and the like. The store is also showcasing a variety of post-apocalyptic boots.

The e-commerce brand has roared out of the online underground with a middle-finger extended to the traditional way of doing things.

Much like the A Bathing Ape success story that leaned on the retail store Nowhere, the Dolls Kill store is also home to their streetwear line Poster Grl, which is priced from $25 to $98.

Surging superstar Tinashe has taken to the brand proudly repping Poster Grl onstage and beyond.  Her co-sign is vital as it points to the evolution of pop culture.

The lines between ravers, punk kids, metal heads and other styles have blurred into a beautiful mess of color and design.

And Dolls Kill is there to rock the canvas.


It’s the choices that make Dolls Kill a brand that is consumer friendly, creative and somewhat tasteful. Their choose your own style aesthetic in tandem with a less-than-establishment-friendly message is partnered with really good taste.

All it takes is funding and a mall lease to be the next Hot Topic.

Dolls Kill is setting the trend using a rare blend of rebellion, style, patience and reverence to counter culture brands such as Doc Martens.

While no word is out there regarding the potential for locations outside of their San Francisco homebase, look for Dolls Kill to do the right thing after they evaluate the results of their pop-up shop when it closes after Halloween.

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