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Killer Mike Snubs Hate With New Fashion Line

“Check the Scoreboard”

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike has released his own line of anti-confederate merchandise in response to the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This isn’t the first time the Southern rapper has teamed up with Brooklyn-based fashion designers Daylight Curfew, having previously released merch for the Hip-Hop duo, Run the Jewels, as well as working with Mike on his “Kill Your Masters” clothing line. Daylight Curfew has also collaborated with Adventure Time, Adult Swim, DJ Shadow, Mr. Mothafuckin’ Exquire, Def Jux and several other elite graffiti and graphic artists from New York City.

Outraged by recent events, Killer Mike’s latest collaboration “Winners and Losers (Check the Scoreboard)” serves as a symbolic reminder to those who rally behind the so-called “rebel flag” that the South lost the war. The scoreboard, which reads “18:65,” the same year that the Civil War ended, is available to purchase online as a t-shirt, hoodie and coffee mug.

Killer Mike is not the only artist who has been vocal about removing the symbols of hate in the south. On his most recent album, #TheGodBox, Mississippi-native David Banner talks about his own feelings about the state he calls home and its unwillingness to accept the flag as a symbol of hate.

Other artists, including Drive-By Trucker‘s Patterson Hood, who wrote a letter to The New York Times in 2015, have condemned the use of the confederate flag.

“With all due respect Mr. POTUS (and u lame duck muthafuckers that game him the bullshit half ass slaves excuse for the confederate statute support) From your humble constituent,” Killer Mike said in an Instagram post earlier this week, about the President’s comments regarding “many sides” to the issue in Charlottesville. “Please watch and swipe. ✊🏿✊🏼✊🏽✊🏻let’s Keep the country Great and never honor an enemy we defeated. That’s weak shit. Salutes, sir. Be well.”

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