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Details Behind Evelyn Lozada & Carl Crawford’s Split

Basketball WivesEvelyn Lozada and her fiancé Carl Crawford have called off their engagement. No surprises there. There have been many rumors about the causes of their break up. However, new information has surfaced that might point towards why their relationship ended.

Sources are alleging that “drug-fueled sex parties” is the reason for the split. The claim that Carl loves to party, and had no problems flying girls out during off season for his lavish get-togethers. One girl exclusively told Bossip, that Carl held his parties in Houston and Phoenix. When he flew girls out, he would put them up in hotels, two to a room. She also says that he provided them with a make-up artist.

The girls would just be there to entertain him and his closest friends. At most five or six guys who weren’t high rollers like Carl. There were strict rules that all who attendees could not use their phones or social media. Especially since everyone has hopped up on molly.

The girls were able to make up to $2,500 a night just for dancing. If they won favor with Carl, he would bring them back for the next night. If he really liked a girl, she could make a lot more money if she did “a little extra.” A girl could possibly make over $10K for one weekend, which is usually just two days. The girl also disclosed that Carl would have sex at his parties with multiple girls.

It’s hard to tell if any of this is a lie or not. There have been a lot of rumors about Carl’s party boy ways, but nothing this big. Usually, it’s him flying to Vegas with family members or having a weekend of fun with his boys. Exclusive sex parties with drugs, that’s just too much. And poor Evelyn, she just can’t catch a break with men.

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