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Rapper Jay Hunna dedicates Music to Sandra Bland

Straight from the south side of Chicago, rapper Jay Hunna recently released his first single “Good Ol’ Music.” The song is featured on his debut album Better Days.

The song is a mixture of good vibes, smooth bars, and nice instrumentals. Definitely worthy of its name, “Good Ol’ Music” is that song that you like to listen to while cruising down the boulevard or walking home. Jay’s lyrics take you back to his early days and paints the picture of how music has affected his life. It’s easy to envision some of the things that he’s saying.

Also, not many rappers nowadays are invoking imagery anywhere similar to the way that Jay’s doing it. They can make you feel a certain way with the words and music, but their lyrics don’t take people into a different state of mind. It’s a please when an artist can make their audience step outside of themselves.

Jesse Bland aka Jay Hunna is the cousin of Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old woman found hanging in a Walter County jail cell in Texas back in 2015, after being arrested during a traffic stop. The tragic death of his cousin and the national attention that he death garnered gave Jay the inspiration to create his debut album “Better Days.”

Jay besides his family hardships, Jay gets his inspiration from Hip-Hop legends such as Jay-Z, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, and countless other artists who have uplifted the culture. His mantra is, “Good music translates in all languages.” Meaning that music is universal. It goes beyond language and influences the emotions of everyday people. Jay hopes that one day his music will reach everyone around the world and give them a specific experience.

“Good Ol’ Music” is the single off his upcoming album “Better Days”, which is scheduled to drop on September 8.

Visit Jay Hunna’s website to check out his music and buy his”Good Ol’ Music.” Also, you can connect with him via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

WATCH: Jay Hunna’s Music Video for “Good Ol’ Music


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