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Virgil Abloh x Nike Collaboration

Virgil Abloh Collaborates With Nike

Virgil Abloh, creative designer, DJ, and founder of the brand Off-White, is collaborating with Nike. They are designing a collection of sneakers, called “The Ten.” The title depicts the ten sneakers they designed for the collaboration.

Their main idea was to make the sneakers appear unfinished or still in the process of being completed. Nowadays sneaker collaborations are a dime a dozen so it’s difficult to come up with something new to captivate consumers.

Abloh and Nike hope to accomplish that by putting a unique spin on their footwear.

photo from GQ

photo from GQ

This model is the “Air Jordan 1 x Virgil Abloh.” Its red plastic zip ties and the word “AIR” on the bottom edge of the shoe makes it look like a factory sample. This is Abloh’s way of putting a modern, innovative twist on a classic shoe. The rich red, white, blue hues with touches of blue and orange make the shoe a versatile statement piece.



This model is the “Nike Zoom Vaporfly x Virgil Abloh.” In addition to the zip ties, this sneaker looks almost transparent, as if an outer material wasn’t yet stitched on.

In September, Abloh will be hosting a few presentations titled, “Nike Off Campus” to inspire and educate other aspiring creative directors. The full line will not be released until November, but there will be a few surprise releases of select shoes in very small quantities.

Fashion lovers and sneaker heads alike are sure to love this powerful, forward collaboration.

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