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Kanye West Nominated For Design of the Year Award

Life of Pablo Nominated for Design Award

London’s Design Museum has nominated Kanye West for the Design of the Year Award for his “Life of Pablo” clothing. West is one of 62 other finalists nominated for the award which span from artists and architects to fashion designers.

West’s concert merchandise for his “Life of Pablo” tour was in high demand and was worn by fans and celebrities like luxury clothing.


Here is Mr. West himself wearing one of his red “I Feel Like Pablo” long sleeve shirts. Everything from the motto to the unique script of writing became iconic with tons of other companies creating duplicates of the concert merchandise.


In addition to t-shirts, West created sweatshirts and denim jackets with “Pablo” and “I Feel Like Pablo” written on the back. He also included short sleeve t-shirts with “No More Parties in L.A.” written on them and baseball hats with the same key phrases imprinted on the front.

The Design Museum is electing their winner though an online poll in which people will vote for the person they think is the most deserving. To give you an idea of what West is up against, the creator of the digital game and app Pokemon Go is also on the list as his game reached astronomical heights of popularity.

The contest’s judges include IKEA’s head designer and Apple’s head of marketing. This year’s winner will be announced in January 2018.

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